About Us

Jabal Zamzam Charitable Society is a leading non-governmental charitable organization in charitable work, established in 2015 and registered with the Ministry of Social Development in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - Al-Mafraq Governorate under No. (1012215228). Types of charitable projects of all kinds for needy families of Jordanian nationality and refugees of all other nationalities. The association’s commitment continued to go to the most sustainable development projects through the implementation of economic empowerment projects, water projects and health projects. The association also cared about implementing endowment projects because it has a major role in the development of society and the sustainability of goodness for the endowment doors and achieving social solidarity.



We seek excellence and leadership in charitable work, and achieving social solidarity among members of society.



Jabal Zamzam Charitable Association specializes in charitable and development work and considers it an essential tributary of the tributaries of individual and community development, and seeks to meet all its urgent needs, including continuous and ongoing, by adopting all kinds of projects of various kinds, and raising the cultural and educational level of the child in order to achieve sustainable development for all with the support of individuals and institutions of society .


Establishing development projects to serve the local community

Meeting the life needs of poor and needy families

Supporting the educational, health, religious and social fields that the individual needs

Adopting social services and charitable works

Care for people with disabilities in all areas

Care and guarantee for orphans in all fields

Raising the spirit of solidarity and communication between individuals and institutions of society

Helping all refugees of all nationalities and providing all their needs